Jinhao X750 roller ball

Jinhao X750 roller ball

The Jinhao X750 roller ball is proudly made in China, and is great value if you want something a little bit more interesting than a typical executive style pen. They’re around $4 delivered, and are available in a variety of designs. Refills are available in packs of 10 for around $10. The same roller ball case is also available as a fountain pen. The Jinhao X750 roller ball has a really nice weight to it, and a lovely matte satin finish. This is one of the classiest roller ball pens you can buy under $50, and at under $5 it’s an absolute bargain.

OLFA circle cutter – finally I can cut perfect circles!

Olfa Circle Cutter

I recently purchased an OLFA circle cutter (CMP-1 model) for making my own hiking stoves from drink cans. It’s an incredibly useful little tool that I’ve ended up using for lots of other DIY/hobby jobs. It works in a similar way to a traditional compass, but it has 90 degree arms, which means the cutting blade sits at the perfect angle for cutting. If you’re into any kind of modelling, small scale DIY, or craft, then you should have one of these in your toolbox.

Casio HDA-600B – awesome cheap watch

Casio HDA 600B

Although I’ve been a big fan of G-Shock watches for about 15 years, I’m starting to move towards lighter and WAY CHEAPER Casio watches. I just received a HDA-600B-1BV in the mail from the US today, and it’s an absolutely ripper. It cost me around $32AUD delivered, and arrived within a week. Although it has no digital display, and absolutely no bells or whistles – other than a date display, it DOES have a 10 year battery. Which means if I throw the watch off a cliff in 10 years, it will have cost me approximately $3 a year to own.
It has “retro” bumpers too, which some people hate, but I personally LOVE. I grew up in the 80s, so bumpers are cool to me.

Verbatim Store n Go Micro USB – smallest USB stick ever?

The Verbatim Store ‘n’ Go Micro has to be one of the smallest USB memory sticks available. They’re small enough to store into your wallet, hang off your keychain, or even slip into seam in your clothing. I have a 4GB Verbatim Store n Go Micro USB stick that I carry in my wallet – it has all my passwords, scans of my birth certificate, passport, insurance policy numbers etc, all encrypted with TrueCrypt. If I lose my wallet, the USB stick is useless to anyone without the password. If I lose everything BUT my wallet, I’ve at least got copies of my essential documents.

Ready Remote DEi Viper Remote Car Starter

The DEi Viper Ready Remote Car Starter is an insanely cool piece of technology. It comes with two 3 button remotes, has a 1,000 ft range, and has anti-scan technology to prevent code grabbing. This is the ultimate “wow” accessory for you car, and even includes a panic alarm and remote headlight control! It even includes an easy to follow installation DVD so you can install it yourself. For the price, this is one of the best value accessories you can have for any car – even if it’s just a mundane daily driver. Get this, and your friends will think you’re driving Knight Riders’s KITT.