Beverly Hills 90210 DVD – wonderfully cringeworthy

Remember the Seinfeld episode where Jerry finally admitted to secretly watching Melrose Place? Well, watching Beverly Hills 90210 was one of my dirty little secrets back in the 90s. The first season’s main characters, Dylan, Kelly, Donna, Steve, David, Andrea and twins Brandon and Brenda all attended West Beverly Hills High School. Brandon and Brenda Walsh and their parents were the stable nuclear family with strong values; their home was a safe haven for the whole gang and the center of much of the drama. The show dealt with a steady stream of love triangles and other romantic entanglements and occasionally touched on more serious issues as well. Wonderfully cringeworthy!

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2 Replies to “Beverly Hills 90210 DVD – wonderfully cringeworthy”

  1. Caitlin NYC says:

    Ian Ziering rules! I remember watching 90210 every week. It’s tempting to buy the DVDs just to relive the memories.

  2. I had a MASSIVE crush on Shannen Doherty back in the 90s. Damn she was hot in 90210.

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