Aldi Expressi coffee machine

I recently purchased an Aldi Expressi coffee machine and matching milk frother. The Expressi was $79 and the frother was $19. It’s basically a clone of the ridiculously popular Nespresso machines, and although the Aldi Expressi pods are NOT compatible with Nespresso machines, from the few flavours that I’ve tried they are at least as good, if not better than the Nespresso pods.

I like my coffee as strong as possible, and have found that the Expressi Milano is much stronger and fuller tasting than Nespresso’s Ristretto or Arpeggio. But the best thing about the Aldi Expressi is that the pods only cost $5.99 for SIXTEEN pods – which makes Nespresso look very very expensive. The build quality isn’t quite as solid as Nespresso, but for this price I can certainly live with it. The Expressi milk frother performs equally as well as my Nespresso CitiZ frother, and is perhaps even a little bit faster (watch for burnt milk though!). For $98 (for the machine and frother) which includes a 2 year warranty, I am 100% satisfied. Now… lets wait and see how long it takes for Nespresso to lower the price of their pods.

UPDATE: After using this machine for several months, I’m yet to find anything to complain about. There have been a few people that have broken the top handle when depressing it into a capsule, but I think this is probably either due to having the pod misaligned and simply forcing it until it breaks, or possibly it was just a bad batch. If you can’t depress the handle using two fingers, then the pod is probably in crooked – make sure everyone who uses your Expressi machine knows this. My parents have an Expressi machine at their holiday house, and it gets used by all our family, some of whom have a natural talent of breaking things… but the Expressi is still going!

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Aldi Expressi