Bahco Laplander – the best folding saw in the world

It doesn’t matter if you’re a retired suburban gardener, or a hardcore hiker or woodsman – quality tools can mean the difference between hating what you’re doing, and LOVING it. The Bahco Laplander is a tool you will LOVE – as with all good tools, it’s a joy to use … you’ll stand in your backyard looking for things to cut down, you’ll look over your fence and see if your neighbours need anything cut down. It’s made in Sweden, is a NATO issued tool, has a locking blade (locks closed, and locks open), weighs next to nothing, and cuts wood like butter. I carry one of these in my car backpack/bug out bag at all times, but also use it in my garden as my #1 pruning saw. It’s heavy duty enough for serious woodsman/survival use, but also petite enough to be used in your suburban backyard to prune your trees. If you’re going to buy tools, BUY QUALITY, BUY ONCE. The Laplander is the kind of tool that you’ll buy today, and still be using in 20 years times. I had one delivered from the UK to Australia for a total cost of $30. Yes, Bunnings etc do sell Bahco saws, but if they don’t have a green handle, with Laplander written on the blade – then they have a different tooth count, and are an inferior model. For the sake of a few dollars, and a weeks delivery time, get the real deal.
There is only one folding saw worth buying. This is it.

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Bahco Laplander