Canon IXUS 220 HS

The Canon IXUS 220 HS (also known as the ELPH 300) is one of the best little cameras you can buy. I’m not going to into tech specs, but I will say that I’ve been using this camera for a few weeks now and it’s fantastic. I’ve always been a fan of the IXUS/ELPH series, and the IXUS 220 HS ticks all the boxes. It has FULL HD 1080p video at 24fps, and 720p at 30fps – which makes it an ideal YouTube camera for making product reviews or vlogging.

It also has an incredibly clever image stabilization mode. I’ve never been a fan of stabilization, but it seems that technology has finally caught up with the concept, and on the IXUS 220 HS it works beautifully. One of the best things about the IXUS/ELPH cameras has always been their compatibility with the excellent CHDK firmware (which unlocks the camera and allow you to do LOTS more with it). Although CHDK isn’t running 100% on the IXUS 220 HS right now, there are plenty of people working on it, and it’s only a matter of time. That said, the IXUS 220 HS has just about every feature that I need in a compact HD camera. I bought it primarily for use as an HD video camera, and sometimes forget that it also takes great stills (and has a fantastic ultra wide lens)!

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