capCAP lid for Nalgene bottles

The ONLY downside I can find for my Nalgene wide mouth bottle is that the mouth on it is so wide that it’s impossible to use in the car/train/bus etc without spilling. There is a simple solution and it’s the capCAP lid from Humangear. The capCAP replaces the entire standard wide mouth lid, but has a much smaller drinking opening on the top – similar to a regular bottle water size. You still get the HUGE wide mouth advantages for putting ice into your bottle, but the mouth of the lid is much more of a human friendly size when you go to drink from it. If you’ve got a Nalgene wide mouth bottle, this is a MUST have. This has taken my Nalgene bottle from a home use only, to a use anywhere bottle. LOVE IT! I ordered mine from the US for around $10 including delivery, and although that kinda seems expensive for a lid, it’s worth every cent. If I ever buy another 32 oz Nalgene wide mouth bottle, I’ll be buying a capCAP for it immediately.

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Nalgene Capcap