Casio HDA-600B – awesome cheap watch

Although I’ve been a big fan of G-Shock watches for about 15 years, I’m starting to move towards lighter and WAY CHEAPER Casio watches. I just received a HDA-600B-1BV in the mail from the US today, and it’s an absolutely ripper. It cost me around $32AUD delivered, and arrived within a week. Although it has no digital display, and absolutely no bells or whistles – other than a date display, it DOES have a 10 year battery. Which means if I throw the watch off a cliff in 10 years, it will have cost me approximately $3 a year to own.
It has “retro” bumpers too, which some people hate, but I personally LOVE. I grew up in the 80s, so bumpers are cool to me.

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Casio HDA 600B