Casio MTP-S101 solar watch

I bought the Casio MTP-S101 primarily because I like the look of it, and I like budget Casio watches – the solar power was a bonus as I was able to justify buying yet another watch because I didn’t yet have one that was solar powered. I’ve had it for around 1 year now, and it has become one of my most worn day to day watches. From memory I paid around $70 AUD delivered, with tags, no box. Delivery time was 2 weeks to Australia from Malaysia.

I got the black face with stainless steel bracelet (MTP-S101D-1BVDF). The bracelet is much nicer than I expected, and significantly better than other budget stainless bracelets such as the Seiko 5 SNK809. Legibility is excellent EXCEPT FOR ONE MASSIVE FLAW… there is absolutely no lume on the Casio MTP-S101. None. Zero. Although this seems inexcusable, I actually find myself not caring, and still grab the MTP-S101 most mornings when selecting which watch to wear.

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Casio MTP-S101 Solar Watch

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