Aldi Expressi Chai Latte, the circle is complete.

Aldi Chai Latte

Aldi have just released new pods for their fantastic Expressi machine. They now have Chai Latte, Hot Chocolate, and decaf coffee pods. The Expressi Chai Latte is a killer – it’s sweet, full of spice and can be prepared with or without milk. Even if you don’t drink coffee, it’s almost worth buying an Expressi machine just for making Chai Latte.

Hot chocolate for your Expressi!

Hot chocolate Expressi

If you have an Aldi Expressi machine, then you absolutely must get yourself some of the new Aldi Expressi Cioccolat hot chocolate capsules. They are one of the nicest hot chocolates I’ve ever had. I’m still using my Expressi machine daily for coffee (and loving it), but now I get to use it nearly every night for a hot chocolate night cap.

Decaf Expressi

Aldi Expressi

The Aldi Expressi is one of the best value capsule based coffee machines available in Australia, but one major oversight that Aldi made was not making a decaf Expressi capsule. Luckily the very similar MAP coffee capsules also work in the Expressi, and although they’re more expensive, they do have a decaf version available. You can get them from most Harvey Norman or Officeworks stores, as well as online.

EMOHOME refillable Nespresso capsules


Finally, Nespresso fans have a refillable capsule that actually works! EMOHOME refillable Nespresso capsules can be used in your Nespresso machine to make your own blends of FRESHLY ground coffee, or even your own blends of tea. YES – the Nespresso machine can finally make a good cup of tea! You can even use it for instant hot chocolate or chai, and then refill it and use it again. This is the refillable Nespresso capsule that we’ve all been waiting for.

Expressi pods

Aldi Expressi

After a few weeks with my new Aldi Expressi machine, I’ve finally tried all the pods that are available, and have decided that I can get away with buying only 2 varieties: a TRUCK LOAD of Milanos (for myself), and half a truck load of Valletta pods for everyone else. Most people who like a strong coffee will be satisfied with the Milano (it’s at least as strong as the Nespresso Ristretto), and everyone else who I’ve made an Expressi for seems to be happy with the Valletta. I’m just hoping that Aldi bring out a variety of decaffeinated pods soon, I’ve doubled my caffeine intake since getting the Expressi machine. I also hope that Aldi eventually start stocking Expressi milk pods, especially since the Expressi compatible K-Fee pods are available in milk and chocolate in Europe and parts of Asia.