Mongoose stickers

Moongoose stickers

I had a AWESOME Mongoose Expert back in 1985. It was the best BMX in the neighbourhood and I loved it. If you’re doing up a vintage Mongoose BMX, then you’re going to need the stickers. Luckily they are being reproduced and are available online.

Murray pedal cars

Murray pedal car

Murray pedal cars are the holy grail for many pedal car collectors. Murray Ohio Manufacturing Company was founded in 1910 by J. W. Murray.

Yugioh Dark Magician

Yugioh Dark Magician is Yugi Mutou’s signature card. Yugi uses the Dark Magician against various foes, making it his signature monster card. When in a duel against a strong foe, Yugi often ‘evolves’ Dark Magician to stronger forms using ritual and spell cards. The Magician of Black Chaos and Dark Magician of Chaos are examples of its more powerful forms, along with Sorcerer Of Dark Magic, Dark Sage and Dark Eradicator Warlock.

I love Antiques Roadshow – and I’m not ashamed to admit it!

My friends take great delight in teasing me about how much I enjoy Antiques Roadshow. I have next to no interest in antiques, and I certainly wouldn’t ever want any in my house, but I absolutely love watching the TV show – I think it must be the collector in me. I’ve recently bought a few of their books, and they’re fascinating reading, even if you’re not actually into buying and selling antiques.

Rare Smurfs!

Rare Smurfs

Smurf prices keep going up – some of the really rare Smurfs can go for over $100!