Garmin Vivofit Jr Band

Garmin Vivofit Jr Band

You can buy Garmin Vivofit Jr replacement bands for $5-$7 to replace your damaged or lost band, or just because you want a new colour or design. This is way cheaper than what Garmin is selling them for. They will fit the original Garmin Vivofit JR and also the Garmin Vivofit JR Version 2.

Sipik SK68 – awesome budget flashlight

I love torches/flashlights. I’m a camper, a shooter, and a cyclist- so I get to seriously test out all the torches I buy. My current favourite *value for money* torch is the Sipik SK68. It has a Cree XR-E Q5 emitter, has a zooming (collimating) lens, tailstands, and can use a AA battery, or if you want to turbo charge it, you can drop in a 14500 Lithium Ion battery. The fact that it can take two different battery voltages is a huge bonus. I use a 14500 battery around the house or for short walks when I want the brightest light possible, but when camping, I run a 2500 mAh AA battery, which gives me much longer run times at the expense of a slightly dimmer light.
The Sipik SK68 has a pocket clip, zooming lens, and tailstands, and is built like a tank. There’s not much more I want out of a torch.

If the SK68 was $30, it would be good value. But it’s not.
It’s under $10.

Cheap corded landline telephone

Corded landline phone

Every time the power goes off I kick myself for not having a standard corded telephone in the house. All my phones are cordless, and DO NOT WORK when the power is out. I figured that in an emergency storm or bushfire situation, I may seriously want to make a landline phone call – so I bought a tiny little corded telephone. It was only around $4! It’s not something you’d want to use everyday, but it works well enough, and is now stored in my Black Out Bag along with some torches, candles, radio etc.

Handheld CB radios

Handheld CB radios are a very practical thing to carry with your in your car or truck, and can come in very handy when camping or bush walking. They’re even useful for having around the house, especially if you live on a large rural property. Uniden make some of the best value handheld CB radios, they’re TINY and very good quality. You can get cheaper unbranded Chinese CBs, but they’re not really that much cheaper than Uniden, and the quality is average at best.

Kaide radios

Kaide radio

Kaide radios apparently come out of the same factory as Kchibo radios, which makes them cheap. Cheap, but VERY good value. The quality of the plastics etc is nowhere near that of Sony etc, but considering that you’re sometimes paying less than half the price for a radio with the same features as a more expensive “brand name” radio, then Kaide radios can be a very clever buy.