9 Litre Water Fire Extinguisher

If you have a rural property, or even a large suburban backyard, then a standard 9 litre water fire extinguisher is a valuable item to add to your shed or farm machinery. Unlike chemical fire extinguishers, water fire extinguishers can be refilled after use. You simply add water, then re-pressurize using an air compressor, tyre air pump at the servo, or even a bike pump. 9 litre water extinguishers are designed for use on garden and yard fires – such as grass, or leaf fires. If you are burning off in the garden and you’re out of reach of your garden hose, then you need one of these. And if you’ve got the room, they’re also very good to take camping or 4WDing.
Most of the online sellers are including free shipping with the price, and are still far cheaper than buying from a local rural supplier – sometimes up to $50 cheaper for exactly the same extinguisher.

Jump start battery

Jump start battery

It’s not often that I get a flat battery in my car, but it happened about 2 weeks ago. Luckily I wasn’t going anywhere in a hurry and called road side assistance. They jump started my car with a portable battery pack – no running jumper leads from car to car, they just clipped the leads onto the battery, flicked the switch on their black box, and my car started up straight away. I instantly decided to go and buy one to keep in my car. Jump start batteries range from around $99 for something like the Porta Jump, up to a few hundred for really heavy duty models. I ended up getting the Porta Jump, which doesn’t even need to be connected to the battery – it simply plugs into the cigarette lighter to start your car, and is fully rechargeable so it can be used over and over again.

DIY window tint film

DIY window tint

There are so many cool things that you can do with DIY window tint film. Stick it on your office windows, your kitchen windows, your car or van windows, your hot house windows, and just about everywhere that you have glass and too much heat (or glare). DIY window tinting is surprisingly easy to apply yourself. All you need is the tint film which is available in many tint levels and various colours, and some basic tools.

DealExtreme alternatives

As much as I love DealExtreme, there are times when I like to purchase from other Chinese sites instead. Don’t get me wrong, DealExtreme are ridiculously good value, but sometimes they don’t have stock of an item I want ASAP, or they have a particular item that for some weird reason is more expensive than everyone else. These are the DealExtreme alternatives that I go to when I need to:

Jelly Belly jelly beans – buy online and save

Jelly Belly

If you’ve got an addiction to Jelly Belly jelly beans, then you know how impossible it is to resist buying them. BUT, if you buy online, you can save money, and you’ll end up with MORE beans, and a better variety. You can also buy all sorts of crazy accessories including Jelly Belly dispensers, Jelly Belly scented candles, and Jelly Belly air freshener. Did anyone say PERFECT GIFT?!