Flairform Greendream hydroponic nutrient

Flairform Greendream

If you’re just getting into hydroponics, then Flairform Greendream is probably the easiest nutrient to get started with. It’s a one part nutrient, meaning that you don’t need to mix anything – you just add Greendream to water and you’re good to go. It’s available in GROW and BLOOM mixtures, so depending on what you’re growing you may need just the GROW formula, or your may need both. I use Flairform Greendream to grow super hot chilli peppers and I’ve only even used the GROW formula, and have had no problems getting my peppers to flower and germinate.

I’m using Greendream mostly in a DWC system, but have also used it in an airlift system with great results. I don’t even bother to check the pH – I use rain water from my tank, and have never had a problem with pH. Flairform Greendream is available in 1 litre and 5 litre bottles, and it goes a long way.

MTM 26CC Petrol Leaf Blower

I bought an MTM 2 stroke leaf blower as an impulse buy and it was well worth it. I needed a leaf blower to clean out the autumn leaves in my farm machinery shed (I can’t sweep in there, too much junk!), and after doing 10 minutes research, I decided to buy it. I paid $120 including free delivery and it arrived in a few days. It came with a 2 Stroke fuel mixer bottle, and was running within 5 minutes of arriving on my doorstep. I’ve only used it for about 3 hours, but so far it’s been excellent. Starts easily, is reasonable quite, and is powerful enough to move built up WET leaves from under our massive oak trees. The MTM leaf blower, along with the $159 Rockwell lawn mower (from Super Cheap Auto), are 2 of the best value garden tools I’ve ever bought.

Buying seeds online

I’ve given up buying seeds at my local nursery. They only have brand name seeds, and they have a very boring selection. For the last couple of years I’ve been buying all my vegetable seeds online, from organic/heirloom suppliers. I save seeds every year, so once I buy a packet of seeds, I never have to buy them again.
I’ve got some great heirloom varieties of tomatoes, peppers, kale and other vegetables that my local stores have never heard of, AND I can now share seeds with my friends and family. The best thing about buying seeds online is the price, most seeds I buy online are only $1-2 and often include free postage!

Buying a Fiskars splitting axe in Australia

Fiskars X17

After deciding that I wanted a new splitting axe, I did some research and settled on the compact yet versatile Fiskars X17. Although it’s not quite heavy enough to split huge chunks of red gum, it’s light enough to make easy work of peppermint gum and other lighter Eucalypts, and is a great camping axe. So… thinking I’d give Bunnings one last chance, I went and checked out their range – I was greeted with a motley collection of junk from China, some Cylones, and a few ridiculously expensive Fiskars. I walked out, kicking myself on the way, and went online as soon as I got home. I ended up buying a Fiskars X17 splitting axe from the USA for a total of $51 Australian dollars including shipping, around $30 less than Bunnings would sell it for, if they had it in stock. It took 4 working days to arrive, delivered to my door. No wonder retail in Australia is dying.
I’ve had my X17 for nearly 2 weeks now, and it’s a ripper. It’s an ideal camping and general purpose axe, and is easily light enough to be used as hatchet. I’m now very tempted to buy one of the Fiskars monster X27 Super Splitters.

Solar powered grow tent fan

Grow tent fan

If you’re using CFL lights in a grow tent, and need some airflow, one of the simplest solutions is to add a small solar powered fan. As long as your lights are on, the fan will spin. I recently purchased a $5 solar fan, designed to be clipped on to a hat, and it works even under my consumer 35W CFL lights in my chilli pepper tent. It provides enough airflow to prevent mould and stagnant air, and also help the trunks of my chilli plants grow nice and strong. It isn’t anywhere near strong enough for ventilating heat, but for most CFL grow tents, heat isn’t a problem anyway.
And the best thing of all is that it costs NOTHING to run.