Vintage Ericsson Cobra phones

Ericsson Cobra

I just bought a vintage Ericsson Cobra phone. It’s in near perfect condition, but with one main issue being that it doesn’t ring. Which isn’t actually a problem, because I want to use in a guest bedroom where it will only be used for outgoing calls anyway. There seems to be a lot of vintage Ericsson phones for sale at the moment, all at reasonably good prices – so if you’ve ever wanted one, now is probably a good time to buy.

Wrought iron wine racks

Wrought iron wine racks go with just about any decor in any house, and nearly every house usually has a few bottles of wine they need to store. Wrought iron wine racks can be bought in sizes to suit just a few bottles of wine, up to a huge wine collection that spans an entire wall – and come in designs from ultra conservative, to artistic and flamboyant. Wrought iron wine racks make great house warming gifts for people moving into their first home, and being made from iron, they practically last for ever.

Saporro Air Conditioners

Saporro Air Con

Saporro reverse cycle air conditioners are a great alternative to big brand air conditioners, especially since the Saporro compressor units are rumoured to be made by Mitsubishi. Even after installation, for the purchase and delivery price, you’re still going to be spending a fraction of what it cost just to have a brand name badge on your air con. If you can find one of these at a good price (under $400), then buy it. Cold is air is cold air, doesn’t matter what the badge says.

Sunair portable air conditioner

Sunair portable air conditioner

If you’re looking to cool down a room or an apartment, and want serious bang for your buck, then have a look at Sunair portable evaporative air conditioners. The ECS11 evaporative model has a remote control, a 10L water tank, and has wheels to make it fully mobile. It has 3 fan speeds, a timer, adjustable oscillating louvres, and a 3 speed sleep cycle. Portable air conditioners are a quick and economical way to really cool down in summer, especially if you don’t have a split system air conditioner, or if you just have a particularly hot room in your house that your split system doesn’t reach. Get one NOW before the next heat wave.

Fire pit – get in touch with your primal side

There’s something very human about sitting around a fire with friends and sharing food (and drink) – we’ve been doing it since man learnt how to make fire. But in the last few decades, as people live more urban lifestyles, the communal fire is more rare than ever. Solution? Get a fire pit! Even the smallest city courtyard can accommodate a metal fire pit. Some fire pits will even double as a BBQ, and the smaller fire pits can even be folded up and put away. It’s up to you how much you spend on a fire pit – you can spend hundreds on a heavy duty designer fire pit, or under $100 online for a light weight foldable and portable fire pit. When it comes down to it, a fire pit is just a piece of metal that you light a fire in, so spend as much or as little as you want to. I bought one online for around $80 (incl shipping), it’s small enough to stay out of the way when I’m not using it, but large enough for a few friends to sit around when I get the fire going – plus it has folding legs, so I can pack it away easily when I need the space. One HUGE tip if you buy a cheap one – rub some oil (cooking oil will do) into it if you’re not going to use it for a while, it will help stop rusting.