JamVOX amplifier and software


JamVOX fulfills the dream of any guitarist who has ever wanted to ‘take the lead’ and play along with his favourite guitar heroes or band. JamVOX is the result of a collaboration between VOX Amplification guitar amplification and modelling engineers and a team of KORG electronic musical instrument and PC software developers. Simple three-step operation allows anyone to play the guitar in their favourite song by their favourite band.

Why did I sell my Roland Juno-106?

Roland Juno 106

Back in the 90s I had a mint condition Roland Juno-106, I even had the original Roland hard case for it. I sold it in 1999 when I made the switch to VST instruments and soft synths – and although I don’t regret moving to software synthesizers, I still miss my Juno-106. It was a beautiful thing just to have sitting in my studio.

Feadog Irish tin whistles

Feadog tin whistle

The Irish tin whistle has been in existence in one form or another for hundreds of years. Examples of whistles have been found made of many different materials including wood, clay, cane and metal. Of all the traditional Irish instruments, the tin whistle is probably the most commonly played and is the easiest and most rewarding to learn. Feadog Irish tin whistles are known all around the world for their beautiful, warm tone. And they’re an absolute bargain price.

Cibaili pocket trumpet – little trumpet, big noise

Cibaili pocket trumpet

Cibaili pocket trumpets are the perfect choice for students, or for any trumpet player wanting to have some fun. Cibaili pocket trumpets have the same length and size of tubing as a standard trumpet, are great fun to play and produce a full trumpet sound, solid tone and accurate intonation.

Raven West electric guitars

Raven West guitar

Raven West make some great electric guitars for those who don’t want to spend a silly amount of money on a Fender or Gibson. The build quality is superb, and the sound is fantastic.