Blade MCX micro helicopters

Blade MCX

A friend of mine recently got a Blade MCX micro indoor RC helicopter. I’ve bought a few cheap ($50 and under) RC helicopters, and they’ve been fun – but the Blade MCX is really in another class. I don’t know what kind of black magic is going on in the electronics, but it has an electronic gyro that makes it really easy to fly. It seems tough too, we had a few spectacular crashes trying to perform stupid manoeuvres – and absolutely nothing on it broke. The Blade MCX micro helicopter isn’t a toy, and it’s not priced like one, but luckily it’s worth every cent. I give myself about 30 days before I weaken and buy one. Highly recommended for micro RC geeks.

Kyosho dNaNo

Kyosho Dnano

Kyosho’s ultra high tech dNaNo micro RC cars are almost getting affordable enough for me to buy one. They were very hard to find when they first came out, but prices and availability have settled down now. The only problem is deciding between the dNaNo Porsche 911 GT3 and the dNaNo Nissan GT-R.

Q-Steer Tamiya micro RC buggies

Tamiya Q Steer

Takara have released a new range of Q-Steer micro RC cars – they’re based on the classic Tamiya RC buggies of the 80s and include The Frog, Hornet, and Grasshopper. Nice!

Esky flight simulator – the ultimate RC plane sim

Esky flight simulator

The Esky flight simulator kit is one of the best value simulators available for anyone learning to fly RC planes – or even for experienced pilots who just want to keep their skills sharp when it’s too wet or windy to fly the real thing. The controller is really nicely built – all you need to do is install the simulator software and plug the controller into your PCs USB port. If you’re thinking of getting into RC planes, you’ll save yourself a lot of money and trouble by learning on a simulator first, and the Esky simulator is easily one the best ones available. I’ve been flying “big sky” brushless planes for a few years, but have recently taken up flying 3D planes. Esky has been an excellent tool for learning some of those tricky 3D manoeuvres without running the risk of trashing my plane. If you’re a beginner, then definitely check out Esky – even if you’re an experienced RC pilot, Esky can still be a very valuable tool (literally!) when trying out new models. It’s also heaps of of fun when the weather won’t let you fly the real thing!