Bakugan Booster B2


B2 stands for Bigger Brawlers! Bakugan Booster B2s are bigger and more powerful then ever before – answer the call to brawl and decide the fate of the galaxy!

Cranium Super Fort – let the kids build their own house!

Cranium Super Fort

The Cranium Super Fort is a snap together building system that lets kids build their own structures. They can build anything from forts and clubhouses, to space ships and princess castles – or they can ‘just build’ and see where it takes them. The Cranium Super Fort uses simple (and safe) magnetic Magnaball connectors and foam tubes to make construction safe and fun. It’s great to see the satisfaction that the kids get from building their own structures, and then deciding that they’ve got a better idea, pulling it all down and starting on something new. The Cranium Super Fort is ideal for boys and girls, from ages 4 up. I wish they had toys like this when I was a kid!

Highly recommended.

Bakugan fever!


Kids (and big kids too!) all over the world are going crazy over Bakugan! Bakugan uses metal cards and magnetic spring-loaded miniature figures – the objective of the game is to capture three of the opponent’s gate cards or defeat all their Bakugan.

Solar powered Maneki Neko

Solar powered lucky cat

I’ve been thinking about getting a lucky Maneki Neko cat for my house, and recently tried to find a nice porcelain figurine – but none of them really appealed to me. Then I discovered these ultra cute solar powered waving cats – they never need batteries, and will happily wave and bob their head whenever they’re placed in bright light or sunshine.