CEBO espresso machines

Never heard of CEBO espresso machines? Neither had I. A friend of mine bought one and recently invited me over to check it out. CEBO make 2 models of their automatic espresso machine, the CEBO 50A and the CEBO 50B, and the weird (yet kinda cool) thing is, both models are mechanically identical except for the design of the front cover/control panel. Both models will automatically grind the beans, dose and tamp the ground coffee, and then extract an espresso and add frothed milk – all with ONE TOUCH of a button. I had several coffees from my friends machine (she made them), and I couldn’t really fault them. The only minor issue with the CEBO machines is that they require regular cleaning, which isn’t really a big deal since you should be cleaning any coffee machine on a fairly regular basis. For the money, the CEBO espresso machines are very good value. Did I mention they look fantastic?

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CEBO espresso machine