Cerwin Vega – the best speakers in the world

My dad just gave me a pair of his old Cerwin-Vega speakers that he bought in the 1980s. I remember when I was kid and he had them delivered. It was a big day, he’d just dropped $3000 (1980s dollars mind you!) on a pair of speakers! The delivery men couldn’t work out what the fuss was all about, so they stayed while he plugged them in and tested them out. The first song he played was the Rolling Stones “Start Me Up”. Everyone’s jaw dropped – and I immediately understood. These wonderful old speakers aren’t as efficient as the latest audiophile speakers, they’re not even close – but put on The Stones’ ‘Tattoo You’ or Neil Young’s ‘Harvest’, crank it up, and they’re the best speakers in the world.

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Cerwin Vega speakers

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