Buying a vintage Commodore 64

I had a VIC-20 when I was a kid, but somewhere along the way it was given away, or maybe even thrown away. So now, as a 30+ “adult” I’ve recently purchased 2 VIC-20s to relive my childhood dreams – one of them is MINT in box and cost me plenty, the other is bashed around and is perfect for daily use. BUT my dream was always to have a Commodore 64. My neighbours had one, and I always felt inferior with my lowly VIC-20. So, as part of my “getting everything I want” plan, I’ve just recently bought a Commodore 64C (yes, with the fancy “new” case). It had a few dead keys, but I managed to fix them by cleaning the contacts with a pencil eraser (isopropyl alcohol isn’t enough!). My C64 was made in Hong Kong, and has hand written QC marks inside the case. Looks like most of the boards were hand soldered. This is what I love about “vintage” electronics. They were made by someone, not something.

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Commodore 64