Deal Extreme Bug Out Bag

Everyone should have a bug out bag, or a bail out bag, or a get out of Dodge bag, or whatever you want to call it. Some people are happy to spend a few hundred dollars on a super high quality Maxpedition bag, and some aren’t. For those who would like to spend a little less, Deal Extreme have a decent range of bags that are VERY CLOSELY modelled on the Maxpedition range, at a fraction of the price. The quality is nowhere near as good as the real thing (Maxpeditions are nearly indestructible), but unless you’re actually a combat soldier or a serious hiker, you’re not going to notice the difference. Especially if your bag spends most of its time in your car or closet. Check out SKU 94100. I’ve ordered one. Stay tuned for a full report.

I ended up cancelling my order with DX and bought an identical bag from instead. For the price ($32 delivered), it’s an absolute bargain. There are plenty of loose threads that need burning off, and some of the stitching is a little messy – but overall, when you take into consideration how much a real Maxpedition costs (especially in Australia), this is still very good value. Add in the cost of some waterproof spray, and you’ve got yourself a decent 72 hour Bug Out Bag for less than $40, that holds an absolutely ridiculous amount of stuff for its size.

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Deal Extreme bug out bag