I bought an elliptical trainer – and it’s good!

The weather here is so hot in summer that I hate going outside, especially to exercise – so for the last few weeks I’ve been seriously thinking about buying a treadmill that I can use in front of the air con and TV. After being a little bit shocked at the price of a good quality electric treadmill, I looked at manual treadmills. Then I read some reviews – nearly everything I read said that manual treadmills are more trouble that they’re worth. Then I stumbled across elliptical trainers. They’re kind of like a bike that you stand up on. Not only are they supposed to be a lot kinder on your joints, they’re significantly less expensive than treadmills, and also a lot smaller. I ended up buying an Orbitrek Platinum – and although it’s not the latest model, it was very well priced, and seems to be build like a tank. I read plenty of reviews about the Orbitrek before I bought one, and apparently their first model was terrible – but the model I bought has a lot of improvements, and they’ve ironed out all the bugs of the previous model. I’ve only had mine for about a week, but I’m already getting addicted to it – it’s even got a distance and speed computer on it, which appeals to my number counting geeky side.

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Elliptical trainer

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  1. Mary Mary says:

    I got the Orbitrek Elite for xmas from my parents and it’s the first exercise machine that I’ve actually used. I had a treadmill for 2 years and barely used it. The Orbitrek takes a while to get used to though, but once you get the hang of it it’s *almost* fun to work out. I do a lot of work on computers so I really like the arm movement part of it, it’s very good for my shoulders and back. 2009 is the year for me to get fit!

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