Esbit stove – solid fuel vs alcohol

As much as I love my alcohol burning stove (I use a Trangia), there are times when I much prefer to use my Esbit solid fuel stove instead. There’s something very reassuring about having solid fuel that can’t spill – especially when travelling in places where my backpack is likely to get banged around by gravity, or by hopeless bus/train/plane baggage handlers. Esbit fuel tablets STINK, but if you wrap them individually in cling wrap, then place them into a large zip lock bag – then they only stink between unwrapping them and lighting them. I LOVE my anodised Esbit solid fuel stove simply because I can load it up with separately wrapped fuel cubes, and never have to worry about opening my pack to find everything soaked in alcohol. The unpleasant smell of an Esbit cube for 10 seconds is much much nicer than having all my clothes soaked in methylated spirits – plus they make handy fire lighters if you want to light a camp fire.

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Esbit stove