Eurolab food dehydrator review

My local fruit and veg store sometimes has huge end of day/end of week sales on boxes of vegies, and I often come home with a car load full of vegetables that could feed an army. A few months ago I purchased a Eurolab food dehydrator so that I’m prepared for these occasions. Last week I bought 2 huge boxes of zucchinis, and spend the afternoon turning them into crunchy seasoned zucchini chips. I simply sliced them thinly, sprinkled some dried garlic, rosemary and paprika over them, then popped them in my Eurolab food dehydrator. They are ridiculously tasty, and HEALTHY!
The Eurolab food dehydrator has 5 separate tiers, so it can dehydrate quite a large amount of vegies or fruit at once, and it also has an adjustable thermostat, which is an absolute must for any food dehydrator. A friend of mine has exactly the same model that he uses solely for making his own custom beef jerky. He makes all sorts of different marinates and spice mixes, and comes up with some mouth watering jerky. The Eurolab food dehydrator costs WAY less than most other food dehydrators, mostly because it doesn’t have a big brand name on it. I’ve been using mine for months now, and other than my suspicions that the thermostat isn’t 100% spot on (which isn’t a big deal), I can’t fault it. I’ve even done the calculations on how much electricity it uses – an average 5 tray vegetable dehydration left running for 8 hours will cost around 60 cents in total. BARGAIN!

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Eurolab food dehydrator