Expressi pods

After a few weeks with my new Aldi Expressi machine, I’ve finally tried all the pods that are available, and have decided that I can get away with buying only 2 varieties: a TRUCK LOAD of Milanos (for myself), and half a truck load of Valletta pods for everyone else. Most people who like a strong coffee will be satisfied with the Milano (it’s at least as strong as the Nespresso Ristretto), and everyone else who I’ve made an Expressi for seems to be happy with the Valletta. I’m just hoping that Aldi bring out a variety of decaffeinated pods soon, I’ve doubled my caffeine intake since getting the Expressi machine. I also hope that Aldi eventually start stocking Expressi milk pods, especially since the Expressi compatible K-Fee pods are available in milk and chocolate in Europe and parts of Asia.

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Aldi Expressi