Fiskars X7 hatchet – little hatchet, big attitude

Everyone should have a good hatchet, especially if you go camping, or have a wood fired stove or barbecue. Forget those crappy Chinese hatchets from the camping chain stores, they’re total junk and cost nearly as much as a ‘real’ hatchet. Fiskars X7 hatchets are made in Finland, have a handle made from ‘stronger than steel’ FiberComp, and are incredibly light – yet still very nicely weighted. They come sharp enough to slice paper with, and have an edge on them that is durable, yet easy to maintain. If you’re a camper or hiker, you’ll struggle to find a lighter hatchet than the Fiskars X7. STOP using that old blunt hatchet you’ve been using for years, and get a Fiskars.

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Fiskars X7