Forever stovetop espresso machines

Both my parents are bordering on being coffee snobs. My mum has a vintage commercial Rancilio, and my dad has a collection of domestic Gaggia’s. I however, care more about what’s in the cup, than how it got there.

I generally use one of my several stovetops for my morning brew. I’ve had all sorts of stovetops in the past, and until now, I’ve always been a fan of Bialettis. But, for the money, Forever give them a good run for their money. Forever stovetop espresso machines are made in China. And if you’ve got a problem with that, stop reading now. If you think an Italian factory is any better than a Chinese factory, then you’re living in the 70s, or at best, the 80s. Anyway… back to the coffee.

I’ve recently bought a little 4 cup Forever “Miss Inox”, and it’s one of the best stovetops I’ve ever used. The stainless steel is good (NEVER buy aluminium, no matter how cheap it is), the silicon gasket is very firm, and seems very durable. I can’t fault this little machine. It’s cheap, it’s built well, and it’s very very pretty.

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Stovetop expresso

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