Fox Blaster / GUFO fox whistles

The Fox Blaster whistle sells for about 1/4 the price of another very similar brand name fox whistle. The Fox Blaster has GUFO stamped in the plastic, and is otherwise pretty much identical to the more expensive whistle. Unlike Tenterfield style fox whistles, there is absolutely no skill or learning curve required to get these plastic whistles to work, and you can easily use it “no hands” which is a huge plus. I got TWO of them for $4.99 delivered. which is ridiculously good value.

I’ve been using the Fox Blaster for a couple of months now and can’t find anything to complain about. Other than a few teeth marks, and even after an accidental trip through the washing machine, it’s holding up very well.

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GUFO Fox Blaster

3 Replies to “Fox Blaster / GUFO fox whistles”

  1. I just ordered the 2 pack. Price is too good to refuse. Local shop wants $25 for the same thing and that’s just for one.

  2. CracklingPork says:

    I got 2 foxes last weekend using one of these whistles. You have to bite down on it to get high pitched sounds, and mixing up the sounds a bit helps too. Works very well.

  3. I bought one for my son for his first fox whistle and we’re very happy with it. I will be getting one for myself too.

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