GoPro Hero HD – tough little HD camera

If you like to have adventures, big or small, then you probably like to remember them – which means you need to take a serious look at the GoPro Hero HD camera. The GoPro Hero HD is shock proof, comes with a waterproof case, and most importantly has an incredible wide angle lens capable of capturing various formats including full 1080p movies at 30fps. You’d never guess by the size though. The GoPro Hero HD is small enough to be mounted on your helmet, surfboard, RC plane, or just about anywhere else that you’d be too scared to put any other camera. And it’s tough enough to deal with the bumps and scrapes when it all goes wrong – which often makes the best footage.

The GoPro Hero HD is available in several bundles, Helmet, Motorsports, Surf, and Naked – all with various mounts and accessories. The best part is the insanely low price. Just make sure you budget for a fast SD card, everything else is included (battery, cables, mounts, waterproof case).

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