HMT Jawan

My HMT Jawan “frankenwatch” arrived from India yesterday. Price paid was $16 (Australian), including delivery from Dehli. I assume the face is new/aftermarket, but the movement is most likely HMT, and the caseback is stamped HMT. At this price, I’ve already had $16 worth of fun from it.

I’d read enough warnings about buying “restored” or “reconditioned” watches from India, and was expecting to receive a beaten up hand painted piece of junk. I was pleasantly surprised. It’s in great condition, and even though the yellow face is definitely an acquired taste, I’m quite happy to have a watch that is totally different from everything else I would normally buy. The domed acrylic crystal is as good as I’d hoped – I’ve already bumped it, scuffed it, and polished it with toothpaste. I can see myself wearing this watch on those days when I shouldn’t be wearing a watch.
I can think of far worse ways to spend $16.

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HMT Jawan watch

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