Hoselink garden hose fittings

There are a few things in life that drive me totally NUTS. One of them is when the end of the hose bursts off and drenches me. I seem be jinxed by just about every garden hose that I use. So.. when I saw a late night TV ad for Hoselink garden hose fittings, and heard their “NEVER burst off your hose” guarantee, I immediately went online and bought 2 of their Ned Kelly Starter Kits. I’ve been using them for a few days now, and I’m seriously impressed. They don’t drip, they don’t burst off (no matter how hard I’ve tried, and I have MASSIVE water pressure), and best of all – they’re almost the same price as the cheap traditional garden fittings that I’m endlessly buying from Bunnings.

I’ve cranked the tap up full, and sat there looking at it waiting for a failure. Nothing happened. The two Hoselink hose fittings that I’m using simply don’t leak. My crappy hose will split before the connections fail. I’m totally sold on this Australian product (regardless of where it’s actually made) and will be buying more.

UPDATE: 1 year later. I’m still using the exact same Hoselink setup, and I’m 100% happy with it. The only thing I’ve done to maintain my Hoselink equipment is to make sure that no grit gets anywhere near the O rings when I’m joining the connectors together. The Hoselink connections and squirter have endured a year of Australian weather – which gets incredibly HOT and COLD, and other than a few scrapes from being lazily dropped on concrete, it all looks and performs as good as new.

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