Buying Hydroton in Australia

My closest hydroponics store is over an hours drive away, and it’s not even a very good store. So when I decided to buy some Hydroton, I thought I’d probably be able to get it from one of the major gardening stores in my area, but I found NOTHING. Most stores didn’t even have perlite or vermiculite. The “garden expert” at Bunnings didn’t even know what I was talking about when I asked if they had Hydroton , and when they heard the word “hydroponics” I could immediately tell they thought I was growing something other than peppers and silverbeet – which is kinda stupid since they sell massively overprices pre packaged hydroponics kits. Anyway, I ended up buying a bag of Hydroton online, and even with shipping, it’s still cheaper than running all over the place trying to find a store that sells it.

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