ICO for PS3

I was in my local video games store the other day (replacing my dead YLOD PS3!), when something on the shelf caught my eye. ICO for PS3! I did a double take, and slowly let my brain catch up with my eyes. YES! It was true! ICO was one of my favourite games on the PS2, and is definitely in my all time top ten games (towards the top). And now it’s available in a ‘remastered’ HD version for PS3, and on the same disc is Shadow Of The Colossus. Needless to say, the minute I got home I bought it. Instead of paying $60 at the retail store, I ended up paying $30something online shipped to my door. Sure I had to wait a few days to get it, but considering I’d already played it, I wasn’t too worried. It arrived yesterday and I’ve already put in a good three hours. I absolutely LOVE this epic and beautiful game.

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