Maha MH-C9000 battery charger review

The Maha/Powerex MM-C9000 is without a doubt, the best NiMH battery charger in the world. I’ve got AA cells that are three years old, and just wouldn’t take a charge, not even on my RC smart charger. The C9000 brought them back from the dead. If you’re a battery geek, then you’ll love this. When I buy new batteries, the first thing I do is put them on a “break in” cycle, which very slowly charges and discharges them, then does it again. It takes a long time, but it gives new batteries a clean slate, and also lets you know just how accurate the capacity labels are. It can also run each one of the four AA or AAA charging slots on its own individual cycle, at a separate rate – so it’s basically 4 chargers in one.

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