MTM 26CC Petrol Leaf Blower

I bought an MTM 2 stroke leaf blower as an impulse buy and it was well worth it. I needed a leaf blower to clean out the autumn leaves in my farm machinery shed (I can’t sweep in there, too much junk!), and after doing 10 minutes research, I decided to buy it. I paid $120 including free delivery and it arrived in a few days. It came with a 2 Stroke fuel mixer bottle, and was running within 5 minutes of arriving on my doorstep. I’ve only used it for about 3 hours, but so far it’s been excellent. Starts easily, is reasonable quite, and is powerful enough to move built up WET leaves from under our massive oak trees. The MTM leaf blower, along with the $159 Rockwell lawn mower (from Super Cheap Auto), are 2 of the best value garden tools I’ve ever bought.

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