MTM 62cc brush cutter review

I bought an MTM brush cutter a few months ago using an eBay coupon and got it for a ridiculous $128 delivered. This is easily one of the best online deals I’ve ever found. The price has since gone up, but I reckon if you can get it for under $200, it’s still an awesome deal.

I used the MTM brush cutter for a solid three days to cut knee high grass (mostly green) and blackberries around the perimeter of a 10 acre paddock. I was so impressed with it after 3 days of reasonably hard use, that I ended up buying another one to keep in the shed as a spare.

MTM brush cutter review


It’s loud.
Earplugs were not enough. I wore earplugs AND ear muffs, which massively reduced noise fatigue. I lost the screw (or was it a rivet?) that stops the blade guard from twisting on the shaft. No big deal, it clamps down enough that it’s not really needed. Could easily be fixed with a screw, but unless you’re constantly banging the guard into things, it’s not a problem.

The handles vibrate a bit. I didn’t notice it until the second day of use. I used it for 5 hours a day, 3 days in a row – and was gripping the handles too tight. After 3 days use, my left thumb had started to tingle from RSI. I’ve since used it for lots of smaller jobs, about 1 hour at a time, and I didn’t notice the vibrations or get any nerve tingling at all. If you’re doing all day jobs with it you’ll probably want to get some vibration dampening gloves, or at least make sure you’re not holding the handles too tight.

Needs Loctite
Make sure you use some Loctite when assembling it, otherwise the handle clamps etc. can come loose. I had to stop about an hour into my first use to re-tighten and Loctite the clamp. It hasn’t budged since.

Included “freebies”
The fuel mixer bottle dribbles when you pour from it – but it’s usable if you have nothing else.
As expected, the gloves, earmuffs and gaitors are totally useless. Give them to your kids to play with.


The motor
The 62cc 2 stroke motor is a beast. It starts easily and has a huge amount of grunt. I used it on 80-100% throttle for hours and it didn’t skip a beat. I was mostly cutting knee high green grass and blackberries and it demolished everything in its path.

The line trimmer attachment is really good, and would be worth purchasing as a standalone product if you’ve already got a brush cutter. The blades are also very good, they’re well balanced out of the box, and hold their edge quite well. The line trimmer attachment occasionally got tangled up with long “reedy” grass, but that’s probably more from me being greedy and going in too far without letting the cut grass spin off.

Throttle lock
The trigger can be locked ON at about 90% throttle, which disables the dead man switch. This is awesome if you’re using it for hours and hours as it gives your throttle hand a break.

Once you get the bullhorn handles and strap adjusted for your height it’s surprisingly ergonomic to use. I’ve got a small 2 stroke whipper snipper that is half the weight of the MTM, and it KILLS my back because it has a single handle and shaft mounted throttle which means I have to stand side on to it, and I can’t adjust the trigger height, so I’m constantly straining and twisting my back when using it. By contrast the MTM brush cutter lets me stand up straight and doesn’t force me to twist my back to reach the throttle trigger or handles.

Please note: This MTM 62cc brush cutter review is based on a product that I purchased myself, it was NOT supplied to me in exchange for writing this review.

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3 Replies to “MTM 62cc brush cutter review”

  1. Mike in VIC says:

    Does the bump feed head on the MTM brush cutter work? I have never had a line trimmer or brush cutter with a bump feed that actually works!

    1. Richard L says:

      Yes the bump feed works. I use really heavy line on mine, so I usually end up pulling it out by hand instead of bump feeding it.
      I bought two of these, one for myself, one for my brother. We paid $150 each. We’re both very happy with them. I put a strip of rubber inner tube under the handle clamp to stop it rotating because I didn’t want to crank the clamp down too much. Great deal for the price.

  2. Ryan West says:

    I bought one of these to clean up my bush block for summer. We did a couple of hard days work with it and didn’t have any problems at all. I ended up bringing it home to use at my house in the suburbs. It’s pretty loud when you’re in a suburban street. My only complaint is that the petrol tank could be bigger for when you’re working on rural areas and using it all day.

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