MW3 vs BF3

My ancient 40GB PS3 got the dreaded YLOD last month, and rather than waste my time trying to fix it with a hair dryer and a pillow case, I decided to bite the bullet and replace it. I ended up getting a 320GB slim PS3 bundled with Battlefield 3. I’d never played a Battlefield game before. I’ve played every COD released since 2007 (both Treyarch and Infinity Ward) – from Modern Warfare up to Black Ops on PS3. The original Modern Warfare remains my all time #1 favourite PS3 game, and although it’s easily my favourite game franchise, I feel that somehow they’ve been going downhill with every release since the original Modern Warfare. So, I was hoping for a breath of fresh air with Battlefield 3. I didn’t get it. Now I don’t know if this is just because I’m so used to Call Of Duty or not, but the motion and aiming in BF3 feels really “sticky” to me. As if I’m submerged in a pool of transparent goop. I can turn my body 90 degrees and aim a rifle faster in the real world than I can in Battlefield 3, and I’m not exactly a trained soldier. So, long story short. Today I ended up buying MW3. I held out for as long as I could. But after realizing that I wasn’t actually enjoying BF3, I simply couldn’t take it any more. I’m not saying BF3 is a bad game. It looks fantastic, and I do like it. But it just doesn’t feel good playing it. I’ve only played MW3 for a few hours, but already it feels like getting back in your own car after driving a rental. It just feels right. I’ve tried to stray from Call Of Duty before, thinking that I might be missing something. I was wrong then, and I was wrong now.

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