Nalgene 32oz 1 litre wide mouth bottle

I have found a (nearly) perfect refillable water bottle. I just received a 1 litre “wide mouth” Nalgene water bottle, in baby blue, with a green lid. It’s not something I would carry with me on a walk around the block – it’s a bit big to “hand carry”, but it’s everything I could want in a daily use water bottle for home use, and to take on day hikes and camping. They’re also available in a smaller 500ml 16oz size, still with the wide mouth, but I wanted the full 1 litre version. I also bought a “capCAP” lid for it, which gives a more human drinkable opening in the top (less spills), but still allows you to take advantage of the wide mouth for filling it with ice. I LOVE the seal on this, it doesn’t drip at all. And it’s TOUGH. I haven’t dropped mine yet, but Nalgene are famous for making nearly indestructible bottles – so I’m confident that it won’t end in tears. If you want one, buy it from the US. Even with shipping, it will still be cheaper to buy from the US than from a local Australian retailer. I paid around $20 for mine (including shipping), and an extra $5 (which was an indulgence) for the lid.

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Nalgene wide mouth