Opinel knife – a French classic

Opinel knives are a classic and simple knife from France, and come with either a stainless steel blade, or a carbon steel blade, and in a huge range of sizes and styles. The Opinel #8 is one of the most popular sizes, and like nearly all the Opinel range includes the fabulously simple locking ring that will lock the knife closed or open. For most people I would recommend getting an Opinel with a stainless blade, it requires next to no maintenance, and will keep a sharp edge for a long time without needing sharpening. But for anyone that wants a ridiculously sharp edge, and is prepared to sharpen and oil their blade occasionally, then the carbon steel blade is the way to go. The Opinel carbon steel blades can take an edge sharp enough to shave with. I have a 10 year old carbon steel Number 8 that I use every day in the kitchen. I sharpen and oil it weekly (using olive oil) and it still makes me nervous at just how sharp I can get it.

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Opinel knife