Ozito drills

I know a few tradies that have arrived to a work site and realized that they’ve forgotten their “good” drill, and simply gone and bought an Ozito to do a days work. Yes they’re Chinese, and yes they’re cheap. But unless you’re a serious construction worker, Ozito drills will easily cover all your home DIY and hobby needs. Take a reality check – will you be using this tool all day every day? Or are you screwing in a few bits of timber to make a treehouse or fix a door frame? Ozito Cordless Drills have been designed for general purpose drilling or screwdriving around the home. The torque control allows you to drive screws to a predetermined depth and the reversing feature allows you to remove them with ease. The built in LED light provides added lighting when using in dark areas. The total cost of an Ozito drill is usually only a fraction of buying a replacement battery for one of the bigger brand drills. Get yourself a good quality set of drill bits (which are the most important part of any drill), and a cheap Ozito to turn ’em, and you’ll be good to go.

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Ozito drill

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