Powertech 5in1 jump starter

The Powertech 5 in 1 jump starter is branded under countless names around the world, the only difference being the sticker on the front, and the inverter voltage… but when it comes down to it, they’re all the same – cheap and nasty Chinese jump starters with plenty of bells and whistles. That said, depending on what you want to do with it, they’re also pretty good value for money. The one I purchased is rated to 1000A peak for jump starting, which isn’t huge, but is enough to get most family cars going. The main reason I bought it was for camping, and for when the power goes out at home. The Powertech 5 in 1 jump starter includes a built in work light, a wimpy air compressor, 2 x 12v cigarette lighter outputs, a USB charger, and a 400w 240v inverter. The air compressor isn’t brilliant, I wouldn’t want to rely on it to pump up a car tyre, BUT it’s great for pumping up air mattresses etc. It comes with a 240v mains charger, and a 12v cigarette lighter charger (to charge from your car). The 12v cigarette charger also doubles as a 12v plug for power output. For around $150, you’re paying a bit extra for the convenience of having an all in one unit. If you could be bothered, you could build something better for around the same price. But if you could be bothered you’d be doing it, rather than reading this – and whatever you built would never be as compact or as easy to carry as this. If you simply want a good 12v camping battery, without having to mess around with dual battery setups for your car/4WD, then they’re definitely is worth a look.
I paid $150ish for mine, but I’ve since seen them for $120 (incl free AU shipping).

In you live in the US, the identical product is branded as the Guide Gear 5in1 Jumpstarter, and is no longer available. It has been superseeded by lighter and more powerful Lithium jump starters.

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