Corrugated steel raised vegetable garden

I finally got around to buying some corrugated steel raised vegetable garden beds. They arrived today (free shipping!) and took me about 10 minutes to put together. I paid $129 for TWO 1000x800x290 flat packed garden beds, which included free delivery – and at that price, to be honest, I wasn’t expecting much. BUT, they are really well made, well painted, and reasonably easy to assemble (nowhere as complicated as Ikea stuff). I was considering purchasing some ACQ treated pine raised beds, but I did some reading, and couldn’t find anything that could convince me that they were 100% safe to use for vegetable gardens. I’m glad I went with steel instead. The steel is painted, then coated in plastic, which the manufacturer recommends to leave intact – I guess to stop the moisture in the soil rusting the steel. As an extra precaution against rust, I sprayed all the bolts and nuts, and any exposed steel with WD-40 before filling the beds with soil. The beds are a very practical size, allowing easy access to the middle of the garden from each side, and they look kinda cute too. I’m really really happy with this purchase!

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Steel raised vegetable bed