Rockport World Tour – the best shoes in the world

A shoe is like a soul mate. Find the right one and you’ll feel special every day, find the wrong one, and you’ll be miserable for the rest of your life. If you want a good solid pair of sensible shoes, just take a look at what nurses, security guards and postal workers are wearing… and I’m talking about the over 30s who have been around the block a few times. More often than not, they’ll be wearing Rockports. That security guard that does more miles in a day that you do in a month… ? Good chance he’ll be wearing Rockport World Tours. And they might even be the same pair he bought five years ago. These are the longest wearing, most comfortable, most versatile shoes I have ever owned. You can get away with wearing them just about anywhere – which is a good thing, because you’ll want to.

I’ve finally retired my Rockport World Tours after 8 years. And replaced them with a brand new identical pair. After about 4 days of wearing the new pair, they’ve softened up and are as comfy as my old ones. Please Rockport, NEVER EVER change these shoes!

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Rockport World Tour