Where to buy a Seiko SKX007 in Australia

The simple answer is nowhere. I’ve spent the last week looking for an SKX007 in various jewellers in Melbourne, and those that actually have the SKX007 in stock (on the stainless Jubilee bracelet) are just dreaming if they think I’m going to pay that close to retail for one. $499 is their ticket price. And it’s like getting blood out of a stone to get them to move under $450.

So how about we cut that in half, down to $250 and get it from Singapore instead. Retail in Australia is an absolute joke. I’m prepared to pay a bit extra for “the retail experience”, but not double the price. If you want to buy an SKX007 in Australia, then buy it from Singapore or Malaysia for half the price.

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Seiko SKX007 Australia

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  1. Super Goose says:

    $499 for a Seiko SKX? They should be embarrassed. Which shop was this? I’d like to go have some fun with them.

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