Spyderco Bug – the perfect gift for anyone

I always thought that one of the best universal gifts you could give to somebody who has everything was one of the smaller Victorinox pocket knives. But that’s changed. The new “best gift for anyone” is the Spyderco Bug. Spyderco are famous for making SERIOUS knives. Have a look on any knife forum, and you’ll see lots of talk about Spyderco knives. Problem is, they’re very very good knives, but they come at a price. But Spyderco do make a very inexpensive micro knife called the Bug, which is not only incredibly affordable, it’s also a really good gift for just about anyone – male, female, old, young. The Spyderco Bug is small enough to go on a keychain or in a purse, and is both manly enough (remember it IS a Spyderco) and dainty enough to appeal to everyone. It’s also deceptively useful and is great for opening parcels, peeling fruit, and all those general “I wish I had a knife” moments.

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Spyderco Bug