Vango Banshee vs Vango Blade

The Vango Banshee 200 and the Vango Blade 200 are very similar tents. They’re both 2 man (in reality 1 man + some gear), both have 5000mm hydroscopic head flysheets and 6000mm rated waterproof groundsheets, and both have roughly the same amount of room inside – which isn’t much. They’re usually around the same price too.

Pack weight
The Banshee and Blade both weigh 2.1kg, which isn’t too bad for what you get. This obviously isn’t ultra light territory, but it’s manageable.
One main difference between the two tents is the pack size. The Banshee packs down to 44cm x 12cm, while the Blade comes in at the slightly larger 48cm x 14cm. Not a big deal, but depending on how you plan to carry your tent, it could be a decision maker.

Internal size
The Banshee is 230x120x90cm, vs the Blade at 220x160x95cm. The Blade made appear larger on paper, but once you factor in the space lost by the Blade’s sloped roof, they’re both quite similar.

Which one to buy?
The only real way you can know which Vango to buy is to sit in them both and find out which one is right for you. This isn’t going to be easy as many stores don’t stock Vango, and even less have them setup. They both have similar amounts of usable space, but the Blade might have a slight advantage as its vestibule/porch is larger – which gives you a little more room for cooking and to store you pack and boots.

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