Wacom Bamboo tablet

I’ve been a big fan of Wacom tablets for a long time, and have owned several models of the smaller entry level tablets in the last 10 years. Wacom are like the Porsche of tablets. I’m still using an old Wacom Graphire, but a friend of mine just bought a nice new Wacom Bamboo. And I’ve gotta say… I’m very tempted to get one too. The Bamboo does actually feel like you’re writing/drawing on paper – it features 512 levels of pressure sensitivity and is a complete joy to use. I’ve got no real reason to get a new tablet, but I think I still will. These things are so damn sexy they just make you want to pick up the pen and start drawing.

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Wacom Bamboo tablet

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  1. I’ve got an old Wacom Graphire and it’s the bees knees. I love Wacom stuff, looking forward to getting a Bamboo for my laptop.

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